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Evident specialization trend of silicone product in recent years, silicone technology has shown the specialization trends, along with the silicone according to particle diameter of 0.5 ~ 0.8mm has got rapid increase in China, like the products of silicone usb drive, while silica powder together with the particle diameter of merely one ~ 15μm obtain rapid progress in Europe and also the U . s . and Japan and South Korea. The morphology and gratifaction differences of silicone and powder would be the direct allure for the development of diverse applications. Although China's enterprises actively accomplish technical R & D, we have to also make more efforts to develop a.Widespread applying siliconeNow, the application of silicon technologies have penetrated into all walks of life, many of the industry has matured, and several are in-depth, where the applications in the marketplace field is the most widely in recent times, the introduction of agriculture, industry and knowledge industry are incredibly quickly.

The metal powder supplier use quartz rock as recycleables, low-ash carbonaceous material as reductant to create chemical metal Siliconization. Electric furnace produce chemical silicon, the recycleables mainly silica and carbon materials. Carbon raw material again petroleum coke quality anthracite or charcoal, can be mixed with a component, to improve the charge resistance. Unprocessed trash require necessary purity, good response, to have the merchandise specifications; reducing agent features a different reaction, to be able to come with an adequate response with quartz; furnace burden with various ingredients, sufficient reason for different granularity, to be able to over the adequate coordination make electric furnace with higher effect.

The entire process of silicon oxide mineral smelting metallic silicon can be a no slag process, chemical silicon smelting is via stringent selection of silica, not merely this article of impurities is less, but in addition needs a high mechanical strength, and sufficient thermal stability, an appropriate particle size composition. Chemical Siliconization smelting is better to choose silica. Natural way of silicon oxide or exist in independent quartz minerals, or possibly almost wholly into the rock from the silicon oxide product - silica, or silica morphology sandstone. Production of chemical silicon containing impurities inside the silicon oxide mineral and adhesive material inside the smelting process and a few completely restored, plus some parts are restored, some compound form entering the merchandise silicon or born slag. This is not just increases energy consumption, lower product quality, cause difficulties for the smelting process.

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