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As it has been most well-known card games, the sources of Poker and the annals of seven Card Stud Poker are shrouded in mystery. No-one is entirely certain how or where the game started. Further, when considering the history of 7 Card Stud Poker, you should first understand how Poker is believed to have come about.

There are numerous theories about the history of Poker and the history of 7 card stud Poker. The most generally held perception is the name Poker originated from the French card game Poque (from the German term pochen, meaning "to knock). However, the game itself more closely resembles a Persian game called Nas, which was played with a five-suit deck. Probably the game of Poker as we realize it lead from some mixture of Poque and as Nas. The notion of bluffing in Poker came from another source: the English game talk (first spelled Bragg), which is very similar to Poker but performed using just three cards.

The first documented example of Poker in the United States was an 1829 game in New Orleans, played with a 20-card deck composed of all cards with values of 10 and greater (four hundreds, four jacks, four queens, four kings and four aces). The game was not named, but the object was to guess on whose five - card hand covered the highest cards. This game quickly spread to Mississippi riverboats, where people employed a 52-card form to bilk unwary tourists and claim their "pokes," or betting money stashes. Author Jonathan H.

Stud Poker emerged throughout the American Civil War. Some credit the invention of stud, or stud-horse as it was sometimes called, to boys around Ohio, Indiana and Il. 5 Card Stud was the first variation played, appearing in The American Hoyle as an "official" Poker variant in 1864. Still, draw Poker was the favorite version until someone--no one is particular exactly whom--introduced 7 Card Stud in the early 20th century. The sport stayed the most popular kind of specialist and casino Poker until the 1980's, when a minor twist on seven Card Stud called Texas Maintain 'Em overtook the traditional version to become the favourite among gamblers and casual gamers alike.

The majority of Poker tournaments are based on primary games of 7 card stud or variants of it. Binions Casino, the creator of the biggest professional Poker competition in existence--the World Series of Poker--began a Poker Hall of Fame to memorialize the finest Poker gamers in history. Among them are "Wild Bill" Hicock, who was shot and killed during a Poker game holding a two-pair hand of aces over eights (which remains called a "dead man's hand" among gamblers); and "Red\" Hodges, considered the finest 7 Card Stud Poker player to have ever lived. 7 Card Stud is still an immensely well-liked game in Vegas, home games and Internet casinos.

7 Card Stud Hi-Lo may be played by around 8 players. Should all 8 players decide to keep in the hand - none Folding during - there won't be enough cards in a regular 52-card deck to offer every player 7 cards (8 x 7 = 56). Though very rare, there is a remedy for this kind of occurrence Go Here.