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Thinking of Sailing in Croatia?

Croatia, a Mediterranean paradise, is an excellent sailing destination as a result of magnificent sea well as over lots of islands. Croatia, a Mediterranean country blessed using a thousand islands, superior sea and architectural heritage that spans through millennia, is amongst the most attractive sailing destinations on the globe.

The top period to get a stick to the Croatian coast is between April and October. Summer temperatures may also reach 38�C, whereas the sea temperature comes from pleasant 26�C during the summer period. High season (July and August) offers a lot of fun, entertainment and excitement to guests hopeful for this kind of holiday, whereas the variety from the Croatian coast now offers many peaceful and quiet places for guests looking for a rest far from the loud music from the disco clubs. March is accompanied by the spring sun, plus an occasional shower, whereas the early autumn, i.e. September and October, are perfect for people wanting to incorporate some rest. From the off season beaches aren't crowded, along with the weather remains stable and the sea temperature pleasant. In winter period make sure to bring warm clothes regardless of mild Mediterranean climate. Even though temperature never reaches 0�C, the wind could be very unpleasant.

This sailing retreat provides an incredible variety of options to sailors - from soaking in remote island villages to experiencing and enjoying the bustle of latest seaports. The rich good reputation for Dalmatia, the southern area of Croatia, has resulted in three UNESCO World Heritage cities - a 3,000 years old Zadar, Split having its 1,700 year-old Diocletian's Palace along with the country's gem, town of Dubrovnik. Three of such important historical sites cannot be found so close to the other somewhere else on the planet. Therefore, seglingikroatien provides not merely ideal sailing conditions, but also a way to become familiar with the nation's millennial history in all its grace and magnitude. Our agency will give you very best arrangements for the sailing enthusiasts on the market. Allow us to plan your sailing adventure in Croatia and you will probably 't be disappointed. Enjoy beauties of Croatian coast and islands on bareboat or skippered yacht charter. Select your favourite yacht for charter in Croatia!

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. The normal temperature in the winter time ranges between 5�C and 10�C, and in the summertime time between 26�C and 30�C. The water temperature comes from around 12�C in February and 25�C in August.