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At 18.5mm thick with this design, saying the 500M is a bold watch is a bit of an understatement. It actually wears snugly, and is legible, but this is a "look at me watch" all the way. I envision some very loud celeb chef on the Food Network wearing one of these. There are two elements about the watch that I think will change with future versions if LUM-TEC extends this line as I think they will. tag heuer monaco replicaFirst is the crystal. The watch has a very dramatically curved AR coated sapphire crystal. The extreme curve makes the dial look like a bubble, and there is a lot of purple (from the AR coating) reflections on it at all times. While the hour indicators and hands are large enough to see with much easy, there is a lack of "clarity" that I think LUM-TEC can improve on later. Still a good look however. This model has a Seiko Instruments caliber NH15 automatic movement with hand-winding. By all accounts decent movement, but I think that future models will have demand for Swiss movements - just call it a guess.