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Two chronographs with in-house movements — Breitling’s pilot-styled Chronomat B01 and IWC’s rugged Big Ingenieur Chronograph, designed for earthbound adventure — go head-to-head in this comparison test from our April 2010 issue, breitling navitimer replica by writer Jens Koch and photographer Nik Schölzel.

A watch with an in-house chronograph movement is something quite breitling navitimer 01 replica special. Even many well-established brands do not offer their own factory-built movement with a stopwatch function. One notable exception is Patek Philippe, which developed one for its collection only recently. It’s no wonder such movements are so rare: a chronograph is a huge complication whose implementation requires enormous care and attention. The existence of cheaper chronographs is explained by the wide distribution of simpler movements that have been built for decades, like the Valjoux 7750 from ETA.