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Have you attempted the new firm replacement nibs for the bamboo stylus? I believe that they may well be the best answer to the mushy/durability problem folks have been complaining about. In my view, the firm nib feels more like a true pen when writing than the gentle nib that arrives with the bamboo. I've noticed some testimonials saying that the firm nibs are not as responsive when using the stylus to tap icons, but I have not experienced this difficulty and am, in simple fact, typing this publish on my iPad mini with the agency nib.

On February twelve, 2013, Amazon was marketing them for $10.58. (I see that the price tag has now dropped to $8.08. Who is aware of why.) They appear in a pack of three nibs. So I made a decision to get a set of a few organization replacement nibs to try them out, and in excess of the last two months I've been heading back and forth in between the unique nibs and the firm nibs.

The nibs appear exactly the identical. You can only notify the distinction by touching the prime. The original nib presents much more simply. The company nib is more... nicely, much more company. In the adhering to photographs, the original nib is on the still left, the company nib on the proper:

Lambert is correct — the organization nib is much less mushy that the normal tip. With the company nib, you have to press down a minor little bit harder for the stylus to work. When I am writing in a program like GoodNotes I find that I come to feel like my writing is slightly much more specific as a consequence of my exerting much more effort into writing. Even so, the require to push added tough makes my hand a minor much more tired when using the company nib, and I also discover that it slows down my writing. Also, when I want to tap on a button on the monitor, I typically discover that the button doesn't answer when I am utilizing the organization nib, so I have to go back again and thrust down harder.

It might just be that I am too used to the feel of the conventional nib. Maybe if I experienced began with this agency nib I'd be employed to the want to utilize extra pressure. But switching back again and forth among the first nib and the company nib, I constantly locate myself preferring the first nib.

Lambert also mentions the "sturdiness difficulty." I experienced heard about this and observed the rumors that nibs are fragile in my unique Wacom stylus evaluation. And it should be accurate that nibs crack for some individuals because Wacom sells replacement nibs. But in my own knowledge, following nine months of normal use, I've haven't however noticed any issue with the first nib that came with my Wacom Stylus duo. In fact, I obtained alternative nibs nine months back just in scenario I required them, and now I'm not really confident exactly where I stored them — which means that when the time will come that I do require them, I will need to go searching in my office.

If you like the Wacom Bamboo Stylus but discover the tip too mushy, stick to the guidance of Lambert and purchase the company alternative nibs. best ipad stylus

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