We combined traditional Brazilian rodizio and excellent service with an elegant setting.

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Cleo’s Steakhouse proudly introduces the traditions, culture and meals of southern Brazil to Bay location. Welcome to the Cleo’s Steakhouse. We merged traditional Brazilian rodizio and superb service with an classy environment. The Gauchos roam the eating place constantly offering exquisite churrasco of over 15 rotisserie meats which includes top sirloin, tri-suggestion, flap steak, brisket, lamb, pork, chicken, and sausage Regardless of whether you are looking for a fast lunch amongst conferences, or a tasty meal, you’ll locate it all at the Cleo’s Steakhouse. Get pleasure from a great glass of wine, or a cocktail at our lounge even though listening great songs. Occur and unwind soon after a lengthy working day and get pleasure from our Happy Hour. We focus in team and function eating with custom made menus to accommodate your attendees. Join us for the greatest eating experience.

Picanha (Leading Sirloin) pea-CAN-ya Our signature steak, Picanha is a prime lower of best sirloin. The picanha minimize is really popular in the churrascarias of Southern Brazil. At Cleo’s Steakhouse, our gaucho chefs carefully carve every single piece, just as the gauchos just before them have completed for hundreds of years. Cleo’s Steakhouse prepares picanha two distinct techniques. We offer you the classic gentle seasoning, and a far more robust garlic seasoned edition. Equally are similarly delicious and grilled to juicy perfection. ...

Fraldinha (Flap Steak) fral-DIN-ya In Brazil, Flap Steak is referred to as fraldinha. Though it could be difficult to pronounce, you will take pleasure in the taste of fraldinha. Since of the robust marbling qualities, fraldinha has an unmatched juiciness and strong taste. Whenever men and women get on a farm in Southern Brazil to enjoy churrasco (bbq), fraldinha is sure to be on the grill. Fraldinha is 1 of the most exclusive and flavorful cuts of meat from Southern Brazil. At Cleo’s Steakhouse, our gaucho cooks hand...

Tri-tip The tri-tip is a cut of beef from the base sirloin primal lower. It is a small triangular muscle with a exclusive flavor. Specially in Brazil this is salted and roasted, and the last taste is just wonderful. Sirloin Wrapped w/ Bacon Sign up for the daring, beefy taste of Cleo’s Brazilian Steakhouse Prime Sirloins and the mouthwatering taste of bacon and you have obtained a great steak feeling. Our Best Sirloins have been fully trimmed and wrapped with a thick slice of bacon for a tantalizing flavor take care of you...

Peito (Brisket) Brisket is a lower of meat from the breast or lower upper body of beef or veal. The beef brisket is 1 of the nine beef primal cuts. The brisket muscle groups contain the superficial and deep pectorals. In Brazil that’s a key lower, properly appreciated in all “Churrascarias” (steakhouses) around the place.

Grilled Pineapple Soon after a great food of steak, shrimp, or pork, plop that pineapple on the grill. Pineapple makes a ideal outside dessert. The fruit is sweet to start with and the glaze caramelizes and tends to make it taste like an exotic to any out of doors bash.

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